Your Improvement Teams are not Improving?

We can utilize your existing resources in new ways to optimize performance and productivity.

Your teams have high potential. And each individual on those teams has intrinsic value. But too often, they aren’t working at full capacity for you. Highly skilled JILOA professionals provide what employees need to perform at their very best: methodologies and processes that create the changes necessary for increased efficiency and productivity, training specifically designed for each business unit, and the coaching needed (for groups and/or individuals) to get your teams functioning at maximum potential.

Tired of Fixes that don't stay Fixed?

If you are serious about lasting improvement, it means transformed practices. And transformed people.

Practical, hands-on, and results-driven, the JILOA team is different. Very different. Our approach is based on the understanding that no two organizations are alike; and within each organization, each team has unique characteristics and varying views of individual members. Therefore, no standardized formula can do the job adequately.

Instead, we listen. Your JILOA team digs deeply into each situation and builds open, positive relationships. We identify the issues causing friction or barriers to progress – at the root – whether they are problems with processes, systems, technology, methods, or particular individuals. Then, applying our real-world experience, we customize proven methodologies to fit your company’s cultural context and develop solutions that remove the obstacles to your success.

But it‘s not enough to resolve a specific issue within a specific situation. To ensure that problem-solving processes can be replicated, we leave with you methods and materials that can be deployed and standardized broadly and deeply throughout your organization.

Transforming Practices

  • Aligning resources toward common goals
  • Streamlining decision making
  • Eliminating wasteful activities

Transforming People

  • Developing mature, accountable leaders
  • Training and mentoring individuals
  • Improving employee commitment and retention

Training was not enough?

Teach people to teach others and pass it on.


The right processes and methodologies are important; we know that. But methodologies are only as good as the people who use them. So it is even more important to teach people why the methodologies work and how to apply them for themselves.

At JILOA, we do not merely deliver and leave behind tools for your team to use; instead we take the principles and methods taught in our workshops and work alongside your teams to help them – hands-on –put the methods into practice. In other words, we remain with you until the transformation is both successful and sustainable. Until your team is confident they can reproduce and maintain the desired – and measurable – results.

Here again JILOA is different. Ours is a multigenerational approach that does not end with training. Beyond teaching, our role is to help you transfer knowledge and skills to the people within your organization so they can implement required changes by themselves and, in turn, continually pass the skills on to others.

Stuck with Intangible Abstract Results?

Meaningful results are measurable results.

The JILOA commitment to quantifiable long-term results is different, too. It is the reason for our proven success, the reason clients call upon us to help with:

  • Meeting organizational and growth goals
  • Eliminating waste to accelerate productivity
  • Coaching leaders to hold themselves accountable for profit and productivity
  • Improving quality and customer satisfaction
  • Focusing more on leading strategy, less on management and supervision
  • Realizing a quantifiable increase in book value for the business
  • Increasing profits and decreasing operational costs
  • Transforming the culture to one of empowerment, accountability, and common goals.