The JILOA Team

We know the theories, the methodologies and the processes. But at JILOA, we are also practical, hands-on, and results-driven. Our advisory team brings a wealth of real-world experience and a proven track record of success. We'd like an opportunity to introduce them to you in person.

Michael Lafferty

Michael Lafferty


Mike is a specialist in business turn-around, problem-solving, and transforming ailing companies into thriving ones. Known for an ability to overcome barriers to success, both for organizations and for individuals, Mike is equally effective for injecting new energy and success into a business, division, or team as he is for establishing and building an entirely new function or department.

A small sampling of the hundreds of projects producing desired results for companies includes:

  • Reduction of time to market by 6 months for new product
  • Reduction of manufacturing defect rates and field failure, savings of $3.5 million per year; and reduction of installation faults by 31%
  • Improved ATE reliability by 98% and Optical AOI by 482% in 16 months
  • Reduced cost of quality by 12% while increasing customer satisfaction ratings
  • Reduced customer problems by 67%, increasing repeat orders proportionally

A graduate of California Polytechnic State University with a B. Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mike was 1 of 30 selected from 84,000 US employees for an intensive 14-month executive development program at Siemens Executive Education. Additional education and curricula focused on management quality, employee development, situational leadership, and negotiation.

With 20-plus years of management responsibility in large and mid-sized companies such as Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. and Teradyne, Inc., Mike is exceptionally effective in his use of tools, processes, structure, technologies, training and workshops to bring people of differing views together, align individual goals with company goals, and produce measurable results. "The key here," he says, "is 'measurable'."

Clients rely on Mike for:

  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Strengthened Management and Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Turn-around management
  • Project development and management
  • Staff Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem-solving/analysis to overcome barriers to success
  • Directing goal-setting to align business units with company objectives

The basis for their long-term trust and reliance is Mike's incisive leadership ability, analytical acumen, extensive business and project management experience, together with his profound respect for people and personal integrity in his relationships.

Aaron Royce

Aaron Royce

Trainer and Project Team Facilitator

Highly skilled in the application of problem-solving methodologies and project development, Aaron is a strong, effective communicator who brings to his clients a unique combination of incisive analytical and people development skills, together with an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing engineering and technology.

His particular expertise is in helping teams apply the principles, and identifying, then overcoming obstacles to achieve stated objectives. "It's all about people," Aaron says. "When focused and motivated, people get results."

Aaron's experience working with people in Mexico, India, South Africa and Europe has developed an understanding of, and sensitivity to, human needs and behavior which allows Aaron to achieve agreement, unity of purpose, even in diverse and cross-cultural improvement teams.

Aaron provides:

  • Development and delivery of workshop curriculum
  • Team facilitation for Structured Problem Solving, Project Development, and Goal Alignment
  • Individual Coaching for managers and team leaders

Working closely with design engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, suppliers and others in companies like Teradyne, Inc., Boeing, and Flow International, Aaron has had more than 10 years of responsibility in process engineering, manufacturing methodologies, supplier quality management, project management, supervision of cross-functional teams, internal quality, and problem-solving.

Today, clients rely on him for his:

  • Ability to develop and implement practical steps to achieve stated goals
  • Innovative problem-solving
  • Effective presentation and teaching skills for performance improvement
  • Advising cross-functional teams for process improvement
  • Leadership in goal-setting, training, coaching and conflict resolution
  • Skill in pulling people together in cross-cultural environments

A graduate of California Polytechnic State University with a B. Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering, Aaron focuses on solving specific issues. Examples would include:

  • Helping one company retain its key suppliers by resolving a systems problem causing $20 million of unpaid bills.
  • For another, he created a new outsourcing program to reduce storage of parts inventory, manufacturing lead time, and required floor space.
  • And for another, Aaron was one of five, selected from all divisions of a multinational company, as the strategic team which integrated divisional purchasing departments into a unified corporate supply-chain management organization.

Innovative, determined and motivating, Aaron's success at overcoming obstacles is based on bringing out the best in people that they can be. "When people are running on all cylinders," he says, "they bring more value to the companies they serve. They produce results."

James R. Zewan

James R. Zewan

Human Resources/Labor Relations

A former HR / LR executive with Gulf Oil Corporation and, subsequently, with Chevron where he served on the Executive Management Committee and Board of Directors in the UK, Jim brings an uncommon breadth of expertise to clients in areas related to negotiation, arbitration, and administration of:

  • Union contract negotiations
  • Facility closures or sales
  • Strategic changes
  • Investigations and discipline
  • NLRB cases
  • Grievances and unfair labor practices charges
  • Wages, pensions, health-care insurance and other benefits
  • Creation of a Global HR / LR Information Technology system
  • Training programs for management and supervisors
  • Safety, security, and building operations
  • Employee training, development, compensation, and communications

As a senior corporate executive, Jim was responsible for all Human Resources, Labor Relations, EEO, security, and public affairs, as well as working with IT professionals to design and implement a comprehensive system that could internationally computerize information regarding employees, benefits, compensation, and labor.

Jim holds a BA degree in Economics and an MS in Industrial Relations. He attended the Duquesne University School of Law and the University of Houston, Bates College of Law and is SPHR accredited. He received special recognition from Chevron for his leadership of cross-functional teams to create a quality-improvement initiative across the nation, and is listed by "Who's Who in British Business" as a top official of Chevron in the UK.

Clients in a variety of industries, both public and private, have relied on Jim as chief negotiator and company spokesman in hundreds of contract negotiations, labor/management meetings, and dispute resolution in the U.S. and overseas, as well as for his expertise in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in all areas related to Human Resources and Labor Relations. He can do the same for your company.

Lisa McKiernan-Rueth

Lisa McKiernan-Rueth

Employee and Team Development

A leadership coach, bilingual trainer, and consultant since 2000, Lisa believes that "Success is an inside job." Her passion for developing people and organizations drives her to maximize productivity and potential.

The developer of an original training series called "Value-Driven Leadership," Lisa has worked with more than thirty consumer-focused clients, as well as Business-to-Business companies, helping senior management and executives in marketing and operations to find innovative ways of improving efficiency and avoiding unnecessary labor cut-backs through restructuring, refocusing, and retraining.

With proven success in custom training development, technology integration, outsourcing, and enhancing customer experience, Lisa works with teams and individuals in companies of all sizes, from Fortune 50s to start-ups, providing:

  • Evaluation - to identify and measure effectiveness
  • Education - to provide the right tools and preparation for the job
  • Development of leadership – to create a culture that motivates growth

Before proving herself as a leader in team management and strategic planner at Dell Computer, Lisa opened and operated call centers around the world for MCI Worldcom, hiring and training world-class sales and service teams. Understanding that in order to create loyalty and profits, companies must make changes at the core level: the employees who manage, operate, and make the business run.