The JILOA Difference

Clients know what makes JILOA different

Our approach is different. Our commitment to your company is different. The results are different.

The difference, in a few words, is that JILOA professionals bring real-life experience to your issues; more than most, we are practical, hands-on, and results-driven.

Practical Experience

We come from the real world of high technology and medical device manufacturing. Our methods are tested by years of having performed as corporate executives. We know from actual experience what works and what does not.

Digging Deeper For Root Causes

For businesses unable to accommodate the complications brought on by growth, and businesses not meeting stated goals, JILOA has the expertise to identify and root out real obstacles, to address real issues behind the symptoms, and provide solid solutions for long-term success.

Committed to Long-Term Impact

The key is "long term." JILOA is not in the business of the quick fix. We don't do "band-aid" solutions. Our absolute commitment is to lasting change, long-term results, a difference at the core.

Ensuring Sustainable Results

JILOA professionals do not merely create and leave behind tools for your team to use; we remain with you until the transformation is both successful and sustainable. Until your team is confident they can maintain the desired results for the long term.

Measurable Results

At JILOA, we believe that meaningful results are measurable results. This isn't about "feel-good" sessions; it's about quantitative, sustainable change.

A Relational Approach to Problem Solving

It is not enough to apply prescribed solutions. JILOA advisors get to know your people well. We learn how they think. We listen carefully and connect with their issues. In short, we earn the rapport and trust necessary to dig deeply into each situation. That’s why it works so well. And we have a record of measurable success to prove it.

Using Existing Resources In New Ways

At JILOA we work with the resources you already have, and we utilize them in new ways to optimize performance and productivity. And while we recognize the importance of practices and methodologies, we also understand that processes are only as good as the people who use them. Therefore, we believe it is even more important to teach and mentor people why the methodology works and how to apply it for themselves.

A Multi-Generational Transfer of Know-How

After teaching principles and methods in our workshops, then helping, hands-on, to put them into practice, we make sure the knowledge and ability to affect required changes are transferred to the people within your organization. When they, in turn, can teach others and continue the transfer of skills, you derive an exponential multiplication of the gains.

Call upon JILOA for a different approach. JILOA professionals bring real-life experience to your issues; more than most, we are practical, hands-on, and results-driven.