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Designed to solve some of industry's toughest business, technical, and manufacturing problems, JILOA workshops are shaped by our belief that knowledge is not enough; people must relate knowledge to their experience in order to have real understanding, and they need repeated application of their knowledge to a process in order to develop skill.


JILOA takes an experiential learning approach, so that participants learn by doing, applying what is taught to their real-life work. Reaching far beyond "process" training, JILOA is unique in working with you to achieve a transformation in thinking which produces long-term, sustainable results that permeate the entire organization.


All JILOA workshops utilize simple, but powerful, tools and create a common language for effective cross-functional teamwork. They are:

  • Highly Interactive
  • Practical: participants first understand the principles and the logic flow, then they are guided through the application techniques
  • Led by experienced practitioners who can successfully apply the methodologies and their experience to your specific situation
  • Fact-based; focused on how to use and interpret real data.

The effectiveness of JILOA workshops is further supported with:

  • on-going facilitation and advisement for project teams and leaders
  • monthly review and monitoring of progress
  • internal promotion for participants' "buy-in"

Current Workshops

Structured Problem Solving [more]

Is there a gap between performance and expectations? Processes that don't work? Problems that won't go away? Structured Problem Solving gets the desired results. Measurable, long-lasting results. You might be tempted to call your previous employer and say, "if you had only used the Structured Problem Solving..." well, you get the idea.

Structured Problem-Solving Workshops(1) teach:

  • The methodologies, logic flow, and problem-solving concepts
  • language, tools and techniques for problem-solving
  • how to apply what is learned to participants' real-life situations and case studies
  • alignment of problem-solving to key business goals
  • how to measure and validate results
  • standardizing the process throughout the organization
  • the critical factors for success

1. We can apply this successful methodology to either 7-Step or DMAIC problem-solving, whichever environment is most appropriate to your company

Improving Results from Improvement Teams

Are you getting the results you expected from your Continuous Improvement Project teams? Delayed or diminished results might create a perception of the improvement initiative as slow, disappointing, or even useless. It doesn't have to be this way. Our experience has proven that proper instruction and coaching can help improvement teams quickly become highly effective, efficient, and profit-generating.


Structured Project Development [more]

Structured Project Development is a logical and efficient approach to project planning and implementation across functional boundaries. Your teams learn to focus projects and point them in the right direction before they are launched, identify the critical issues, create a detailed, proactive plan, obtain the needed resources, and produce agreed-upon results.

JILOA also works with clients to create customized workshops that meet the specific needs of your organization.

Goal Alignment and Execution [more]

Imagine how much easier it would be to achieve your company's key goals if every functional department, every team, and every individual within your organization were pulling in the same direction, all aiming for and supporting those same key goals? The Goal Alignment and Execution workshop will show you how do-able it is.

Basic Tools of Quality

Pareto diagrams, fishbone diagrams, histograms, check-sheets – what are they all about? This is training on how to use some of the basic tools to get your job done more effectively – tools to help you manage by objective facts, rather than by emotion or guesswork:

  • Process Flow Chart
  • Pareto Diagram
  • Run Chart / Graph
  • Process Control Chart
  • Cause & Effect Diagram
  • 4W+1H Action Plan
  • Histogram
  • Check Sheets
  • Scatter Diagram

Advanced Root-cause Analysis

Companies spend a lot of time and money implementing solutions that do not provide long-term results, solutions derived from a "trial-and-error" or "shot-gun" approach to trouble shooting. Occasionally, it will hit the mark; more often it will not.

To help you "hit the mark" consistently, this 4-hour workshop is available to experienced users of JILOA's Structured Problem Solving methodology who wish to take their Root Cause Analysis skills to a higher level.

The methodology was developed when a multi-billion-dollar international company selected a team of handpicked "super-star" problem-solvers, led by JILOA founder Mike Lafferty, to resolve their most complex and high-risk business problems involving technical, cross-functional, and customer-sensitive issues. Applicable both to Structured Problem Solving and to Business Gap/Weakness Analysis, this is a fact-based approach to uncovering the precise root cause of problems, without which we can seldom achieve meaningful, lasting change.