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Structured Project Development

A systematic method for producing results on time, within budget.

How can you get it right the first time?

  • Clearly define the purpose and a desired outcome.
  • Scope the project appropriately, focusing on essential issues and keeping required results within your area of control.
  • Develop a plan: select the best approach, break down tasks, map out the steps, and set a schedule.
  • Select team members and assign specific roles.
  • Obtain necessary resources.
  • Systematically forecast possible obstacles and plan ways to prevent or overcome them.
  • Establish metrics to track progress and validate results.
  • Standardize the process, share what is learned, and recognize accomplishments.

On critical or complex projects, you have to deliver desired results on time and within budget, despite unknown factors at the start. Teams may not be entirely clear about what has to be accomplished, or how to get the project on the right track, progressing logically from A to B to C. And often they encounter obstacles that delay, or completely derail critical projects, creating frustration and further problems for the organization.

But you can get it right the first time.

Projects are successful when everyone involved is on the same page, pulling in the same direction. It is important, therefore, to get agreement on the project scope and target. And, in a larger context, that the project be consistent with management philosophy and organizational objectives in order to obtain agreement and support at the highest levels.

Structured Project Development is a systematic and efficient approach to project planning and implementation across functional boundaries. Your teams learn to focus projects and point them in the right direction before they are launched, identify the critical issues, create a detailed, proactive plan, obtain the needed resources, and produce agreed-upon results.

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