JILOA Services

Business Advisement And Team Facilitation

A business advisor, like an athletic coach, will tell it like it is. A coach will listen. And like an athletic coach, a jiloa advisor helps you focus on the game.

You'll find you can get more done with less effort, align your teams to your growth and revenue goals, improve operational efficiency, and get more consistent results from projects and teams. Most important, jiloa clients say, you can transform your organizational culture to one of accountability, responsibility, ownership, and action.

Team Advisory and Facilitation

At JILOA, we believe people need to know what they have to do and why they have to do it before they are ready to learn how to do it. They also need to have the tools and structured methodologies to optimize their productivity.

JILOA advisors come alongside for hands-on facilitation of teams, helping them apply consistently successful problem-solving methodologies to complex business issues or technical problems. With personalized guidance, we develop the skills to:

  • accelerate the realization of company goals
  • improve operational effectiveness
  • get better results from team efforts
  • track progress with practical metrics for a more productive business
  • map and control processes
  • overcome obstacles to desired results by uncovering the real issues -- the root cause
  • manage projects with a logical methodology to succeed

Jiloa uses a unique “listen-learn-then-implement” approach. It has proven extremely successful in reducing stress and conflict in teams; uncovering obstacles to progress in people, processes, and projects; and in creating a mature organization and leadership team.

Advisement for Executives

Let's look at the big picture. JILOA will help evaluate how well your leadership team is – or is not – working, and how you can improve operational and organizational effectiveness. Perhaps you might need to focus more narrowly on a specific function, a critical business or technical problem, or on implementing a quality initiative or management process. JILOA will identify the right strategy for the best results.

Your JILOA advisor can provide a new approach to old problems. When you want to change how your leadership team thinks, or if your teams or operations have not produced anticipated results, JILOA expertise can get you to the root cause and help make vital changes.

Jiloa will work with you on:

  • complex business or technical issues
  • improving your management process, including a maturity assessment and designing a customized management framework
  • structured problem solving
  • improving operational effectiveness
  • a quality initiative
  • managing change
  • selecting the best process for successful results.

Mentoring Middle Managers

Too busy putting out fires, or with administrative duties, to move your teams forward? Improvement and quality require an intentional process to enhance performance skills and productivity.

Managers want to be more productive in their daily work, better at handling conflict and managing relationships up and down the reporting line. They want to know how to process data.

With professional mentoring, they can addresses difficult business-related issues and solve complex problems. Your jiloa advisor provides strategies and advice to improve management effectiveness, employee accountability, teamwork, and goal alignment. And where needed we'll provide a skills assessment to identify the best fit for a given individual.


Can your expertise be used more effectively by your organization? Can you be more influential and valuable? For improvement in your performance or to develop a specific skill, your personal coach can show you what must be done to achieve it.

Utilizing our formalized, documented coaching process, a JILOA coach will guide you to the next level of performance and help you to achieve the results you seek. We'll walk one-on-one with you through all the steps, helping define your opportunities and goals, develop strategies to get you there (including delegation and distribution of responsibility), identify obstacles, and help you eliminate them. And, by measuring your progress, we build accountability into the process.

Whether for training, advisement, or for individual mentoring and coaching, Jiloa's record of success is established by the results – not temporary quick fixes, but long-term, sustainable results, so you can bank the book value of lasting change.