JILOA Services

It's All About Getting Better At Getting Better

Clients look to JILOA for help in all the areas of expertise listed below. Proven success through our advisory, coaching, and team facilitation services, together with our powerful proprietary workshops and training methodologies, have established JILOA's reputation as the "go-to guys," unsurpassed as problem solvers when it comes to complex business problems involving tough technical, cross-functional, and customer sensitive issues.

Services Offered

Transforming Practices

  • Goal Alignment and Execution

    When operational groups set different priorities it creates friction between them. Too much friction, and you will start to feel the heat... [more]

  • Structured Project Development

    A logical and efficient approach to project planning and successful implementation across functional boundaries. Your teams learn to... [more]

  • Structured Problem Solving

    Where there are chronic and systemic business problems, or a gap between performance and expectations... [more]

  • Improving Results from Improvement Teams

    Getting the results you expected from your teams? If not... [more]

  • Language Processing Methodology

  • Defining / Implementing Growth Strategy

  • Project Facilitation and Advisement

  • Integration of Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Interim Project Management

  • Improving and Standardizing Global Business Processes

  • Basic Quality Tools

Transforming People

  • Transitioning People and Teams through Change

  • Strengthened Management and Leadership Effectiveness

  • Developing specific business skills/ Guidance on projects

  • Personal problem solving

  • Strategies and Assessment Tools for Management Maturity

  • Assessing Competencies; Aligning work with Individual Capabilities

  • Transforming to a Culture of Accountability, Responsibility and Ownership